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Arnagar S8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Mopping Robot APP Alexa Control LDS 3500Pa


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Arnagar S8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner LDS SLAM 3500Pa 5200mAh Google Assistant Alexa APP Control

Smart breakpoint

To continue cleaning. Once charged, it will automatically return to the breakpoint and start cleaning, so you can be sure no one is home.

30 sensors full coverage Fully perceive the surroundings

This vacuum cleaner can detect the environment and take appropriate action thanks to the sensors covered on the surface. The internal sensors also help him to recognize changes in the internal structure. It's smart enough to complete the entire cleaning process

8th generation LDS Super-Sensing Lidar Precise scanning and mapping

The highly sensitive 8th generation LDS lidar from Arnagar can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw maps using the SLAM algorithm, with 40% more accuracy than the previous generation.

Multiple card memory

With the multi-storey card storage, you can use your robot on multiple floors.

Automatically assess the height Will not get stuck under the bed

Accurately identify common obstacles, take the initiative to avoid problems. The automatic detection of artificial intelligence allows you to merge, divide and name the partitions in order to achieve cleaning in a preset arder or scheduled cleaning of the intended space.

APP control, Alexa / Google Smart Voice Control

It can be remotely controlled via APP and scheduled for cleaning even when people are not at home. The intelligent voice control from Alexa / Google, just say the voice command, can process and listen to your instructions immediately.

Customizable and scheduled cleaning

You can use the app to adjust the suction power, amount of water, cleaning frequency, cleaning time and repetition date for different rooms. Realize fully automatic and precise cleaning. Suitable for forgetful, busy and lazy people

Cleaning the designated area

Targeted room cleaning, fixed point cleaning and surface cleaning. Eliminate trash in a specific area accurately. Save time and improve efficiency. Suitable for highly efficient people

Virtual wall and no-go zone

Use virtual walls to separate rooms that don't need cleaning or set prohibited areas to avoid sensitive places like baby rooms, delicate storage areas or carpets

550ml 2-in-1 Electric control water tank

3 levels of suction setting, 3 levels of setting the water volume, the suction and water performance can be adjusted depending on the soil material and the amount of waste. 20 mm obstacle crossing, 15 ° climbing, adaptation to complex cleaning environments

Y-shaped Mopping

Wipe with an effective Y-shaped cleaning path that allows a triple wipe action and removes all dirt and grime.






Cleaning mode

Vacuum, mop and broom in one device

Cleaning by area

Automatic area segmentation

Cleaning as directed

App Control

Virtual exclusion zones

APP virtual restricted areas

Smart connectivity

Smart connected with each other: Google Assistent/Alexa/ Arnagar APP

Product size

350 × 350 × 98 mm (Robot)

Suction performance

Max. 3500Pa

Dust box type:

2-in-1 box 



Recommended area


Navigation Mode


Motor type

Japan Nidec brushless motor



Incline for climbing


Smart Link

Google Assistent / Alexa / Arnagar APP

Cleaning method

Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping

Wiping area

150 square meters

LED Screen





Loading time

4 h

Product line

laser Roboter

Running time

110-270 Mins

Connection type


Robot vacuum cleaner performance


Weight of the product


Product Type

Robot vacuum cleaner



Smart home communication protocol


2-in-1 Water tank

300ml + 250ml

Accessories included

1 * Robot vacuum cleaner
1 * Charger Dock
1 * US Adapter
2 * Mopping cloth
1 * Wiper mount
2 * Side Brush
1* Cleaning Tool
1* Filter
10*Disposable Mops
1 * User manual(English/Deutschland/Français/Italiano/Español)