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Warranty Policy

Basic terms

The warranty period is effective from the date of purchase or the date of delivery (if the date of delivery is slightly later than the date of purchase)Please keep your purchase invoice or related vouchers as an important basis for warranty service


     The warranty period of the host is 2 years
Consumables (HEPA filter, roller brush, etc.) are not covered by the warranty
Excluding accessories and consumables, other parts are the scope of the host

If your product is judged to be malfunctioning due to poor materials, workmanship or functions, you can repair it or replace parts for free.

In the following cases, we will not be able to provide free warranty services for your products during the warranty period:
1. Failure to follow the instructions in the operation manual, resulting in damage or malfunction due to improper use, neglect of care, storage, etc.
2. Out of warranty
3. Damage caused by dismantling by yourself or by non-Arnagar designated maintenance personnel
4. Normal wear, consumables, etc.
5. Obstruction--See the instructions for cleaning
6. Failure or damage caused by using the product for any purpose other than normal household use
7. Damage or malfunction caused by the use of non-original parts or accessories.Damage or malfunction caused by repair or modification not performed by Arnagar or its authorized repair center
8.Wrong installation
9. Product failure or damage caused by accidents or human factors (Wrong operation, fluid intake, scratches, incorrect insertion and removal, bumps, input wrong voltage, etc.)

If the product has a fault within the warranty, it can be sent to the designated repair point.But not all problems can be repaired. If your product is severely damaged, or is damaged or malfunctions due to unauthorized modification or unofficially authorized repairs, we may not be able to provide repair services

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